Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, Government Counselor - Minister of Equipment, Environment and Town Planning, went to the Portier Parking to discover the electric service station and its new “MONACO ON” label . The locations dedicated to recharging electric vehicles can now be identified by their bright yellow tint. In August 2020, the number of electric or hybrid vehicles in the Monegasque fleet amounted to nearly 7% of the fleet. Charging requirements increase as does the required charging power. A conventional outlet with a ceiling set at 25 kWh, is equivalent to half the capacity of the last Zoe and nearly four times less than the capacities of high-end vehicles. The Government is gradually replacing, in public car parks and on the road, self-service outlets with electric service stations grouping together several terminals. The objective: to respond to a demand for more powerful, faster charging and available to the greatest number. The Casino, Grimaldi Forum and Portier car parks are already equipped; that of the Fontvieille shopping center will soon be. A total of 91 fast charging stations have been installed or are in the process of being installed (71 7kva terminals and 20 22 kva terminals). On the road 9 sites offer: 11 fast charging stations, 7 semi-fast charging stations and 4 slow charging stations. The plugs were already free and easy to use; the terminals will be more efficient and easily identifiable. The roll-out will continue in the coming weeks on public roads, via dedicated, free and easily accessible areas (near shops and busy places). As in public car parks, on-street terminals will therefore eventually be dressed in a new yellow graphic which will make them more visible. Marie-Pierre Gramaglia reminds us: “Ecological vehicles should be favored in an urban space such as ours. It is in this perspective that the Government is today developing an ever larger and more efficient network of charging stations, which are gradually being revamped in order to be noticed more easily, thanks to the MONACO ON brand ”. As a reminder, since 1994, the Princely Government has been pursuing a particularly incentive policy in favor of electromobility: purchase premium, free charge, reduction on subscription in public car parks, free surface parking and the stamp. annual registration, are measures to encourage their use. To support their progress in the vehicle fleet, nearly 1,000 free charging points (4 and 2 wheels) are, at this stage, available in public car parks in the Principality. 11 public fast-charging points are on the road. Any Monegasque resident is less than 300 m from a public charging point, free. The deployment of electric vehicle charging stations is therefore continuing. Source: Gouvernement de Monaco